Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer & POWRLINK ZERO Left Sided Power Bundle


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Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer & POWRLINK ZERO Left Sided Power Bundle Combining Wahoo’s two latest innovative products, the KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer and the POWRLINK ZERO Left Sided Power Pedals, this training bundle allows you to make the most of every session. The KICKR ROLLR brings together the best of a smart trainer with the feel of riding traditional rollers, and has a convenient wheel-on design so you can quickly go from ROLLR to road, or easily use the trainer with different bikes consecutively. It’s compatible with a range of frame sizes and tyres up to 2.1″ (53mm) wide, and a tyre gripper holds the front wheel securely for stability. Pair the KICKR ROLLR with the POWRLINK ZERO left sided power pedals and gain detailed information about your outputs and cadence. The pedals borrow from the Speedplay Zero model in Wahoo’s range and bring power into the mix, meaning you can train more efficiently indoors and out, and they’re easy to switch between bikes. The two systems connect together via Bluetooth and are also compatible with a range of training apps and devices so you can build the perfect training setup. With this purchase, you will also receive a 60-day free trial of Wahoo SYSTM, a comprehensive training app with a diverse workout library. The science-based approach to training, with options for cycling, running and swimming sessions, plus yoga, bodyweight-based strength and mental training opens up your workouts to a whole new immersive world, helping you achieve your goals. Click on the links below for more information Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Left Sided Power Meter Pedals Includes Wahoo KICKR ROLLR AC power adapter Wahoo Powrlink Zero Left power pedal, right pedal Washer (x2) Standard tension cleats Charging cable and clip Spacer Quick start guide Important product information Features KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer: Maximum power: 1500 watts Accuracy: To within +/- 1% of the power meter used Dimensions: 39.9″ x 11.1″ / 101cm x 28cm Resistance type: Electromagnetic Power requirements: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60 Hz Power meter compatibility: KICKR ROLLR works with any ANT+ power meter Connectivity: Bluetooth (up to three simultaneous connections) / ANT+ / FE-C Manufacturer claimed weight: 22.6kg / 50lb

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