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Tacx Boost Turbo Trainer With a simple, external power source free format and a smooth resistance unit, the Tacx Boost Turbo Trainer is an ideal partner for serious winter training and intense interval sessions. The powerful magnetic brake unit has a 1.65kg flywheel that combines with its traditional on-wheel format to generate a smooth, regular feel that closely mimics the sensations of riding outside on the road. This flywheel generates up to 1050 watts of resistance to make this indoor trainer suitable for demanding VO2 max and FTP raising interval sessions. Ten different resistance levels are offered so that sessions can be adjusted according to their training target, and they are easily flipped between by the strong, handlebar-mounted control lever. Regardless of the resistance level being used and the watts being cranked out, the unit remains quiet thanks to its closed format, meaning that the user won’t disturb other people in the house. The sturdy frame has a small, convenient footprint so that it can be squeezed into tight shed and garage space, and it folds up when not in use for easy storage. The included quick-release lever fits standard 5mm hubs and clamps into the frame securely. A thru-axle can be purchased separately for using this trainer with disc brake bikes. This trainer can be used with third-party training apps such as Zwift via Tacx’s Virtual Power feature by adding a speed sensor (available to purchase separately). A durable hard wearing turbo trainer specific tyre is recommended. Included Tacx Boost indoor turbo trainer Front-wheel support 5mm quick-release lever that mates into the indoor trainer clamp system (for road bikes and mountain bikes) Please note, a separate thru-axle will be needed to use this trainer with disc brake bikes Highlights A no-fuss, simple turbo trainer that is easy to set up and that offers powerful, smooth and quiet resistance No external power source is required The powerful magnetic brake unit has a traditional wheel-on format A 1.65kg flywheel generates a realistic road feel and consistent resistance The 1050 watt maximum resistance level is suitable for the hardest interval training Ten resistance levels are controlled by a neat handlebar-mounted control unit The closed resistance unit muffles sound for a quiet workout The sturdy frame has a small footprint and can be folded away for storage The included quick-release lever clamps into the turbo trainer securely (an additional thru-axle will need to be purchased separately when using thru-axle disc brake bikes) Just add a speed sensor (available separately) to take advantage of Tacx Virtual Power and training apps such as Tacx Training and Zwift

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