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If it’s entry into the realms of direct-drive turbo training but you are on a more restricted budget, the Elite Suito T represents a great option. It’s simple to use, is responsive, and offers a smooth ride feel, all at a price point that’s more palatable than the top-flight models. All in all, it makes for an excellent ‘starter’ trainer, but is equally suitable if you’d prefer to save some of your hard-earned cash for a bike upgrade instead! Super Compact, Super Simple The Suito has been designed with simplicity in mind – or “Plug and Play” to use the company’s term – meaning it couldn’t be much easier to get going right out of the box. Once your choice of cassette is attached and the support legs are extended, that’s about it! With the unit’s legs deployed, you can make adjustments to the feet, allowing you to ride wobble free on imperfect surfaces. As well as being simpler than before, it’s also more compact, particularly when compared to similarly equipped indoor trainers. If you’re lacking in space or just prefer to keep your home clutter free it’s easy to tuck out of sight. But, despite this focus on space saving, it remains robust. Connect And Go As you might have guessed, the Suito can be paired and calibrated with an app, specifically, Elite’s ‘myETraining’, but if preferred calibration is also possible with your choice of bike computer, via Ant+, FE-C or Bluetooth. With the app you also have 12-months’ worth of access to the company’s subscription services. But, again, you aren’t restricted to the company’s platforms, the trainer will pair equally well with your choice of indoor training platform (Zwift, TraineRoad, Wahoo Fitness, etc.). Ride Feel And Use The Suito is equipped with a large 3.5kg flywheel, which though smaller than the top-tier models still offers a ride feel far superior to trainers of the past. If upgrading from a ‘classic’ wheel-on trainer, the difference will be night and day. An entirely new magnetic drive unit has been created for this model, which is used to calculate power to an accuracy of 2.5%. Admittedly this isn’t on par with the top-tier smart trainers, but then the Suito also doesn’t come with the equivalent price tag. Finally, add a bit of spice to your training and jump confidently into some indoor races. Capable of replicating ascents up to 15 per cent, and handling a maximum power capacity of 2,900 watts, this would serve even a WorldTour rider just fine. Product Features Compact-‘briefcase’ size, ideal for carrying, storing, and transporting An entirely new magnetic drive unit was developed specifically for the Suito with a maximum output of 2,900 watts at 60 KM/H that can replicate inclines up to 15% Power data accurate to within 2.5% Large gearing wheel increases flywheel RPMs, generating a smoother, more realistic feel Compatible with 130 and 135-mm quick release frames as well as 142 x 12 mm thru-axles, adaptors for BOOST 148 x 12 frames are available separately A custom front wheel riser block is included Compatible with 9, 10 and 11-speed Shimano cassettes (no Cassette included), can be adapted for Campagnolo using adaptor TT14233, Shimano MCRO SPLINE using adaptor TT14315 or SRAM XDR using adaptor TT14279 Engineered and developed in Italy

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