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The HVRT CF0 is the first variable geometry road plus bike in the world. Built to dominate your rivals on the cobbles and obliterate your opponents anywhere. The HVRT CF0 features a lightweight carbon frame and a top-notch durable Dura-Ace mechanical groupset for a smooth ride on bumpy surfaces. Rondo X HUNT Unlimited wheels with extra-wide aero carbon rims are compatible with 650b x 47mm tyres so you can transform the bike into a road-plus pothole slayer. Thanks to the unique TwinTip fork, you can also change your riding position at ease. The first position sits with steeper angles and a lower front, ideal for racing. The alternative fork setting that fits big tyres or fenders with slightly slacker angles is ideal for harsh and long endurance rides. It’s responsive and aggressive, with unique solutions that will take your riding to the next level. Rondo’s Variable Geometry, Disc Brakes and Road-Plus Ready Aero disc brake bikes have been stirring up the cycling world, but Rondo takes things not one, but two steps further. The HVRT is the world’s first variable geometry, road-plus ready road bike. This is an all-out race bike, first and foremost. Don’t let its additional features throw you off track. No compromises have been made in this area. It’s responsive and aggressive. However, Rondo has built-in some unique solutions that will make this bike your best everyday companion. Large Volume Tyre and Versatile Wheel Size Compatibility First of all, the HVRT offers the option to use large volume 700c tyres, or even mount massive road plus tyres on 650b wheels, ultimately transforming the HVRT into a road-plus bike that can handle rough road terrains, potholes and cobbled streets. Secondly, thanks to the unique Twintip fork you can change your riding position and adjust the steering character of the bike. The first setting with steeper angles, smaller trail and a lower front will be the choice for racing. The alternative fork setting, that fits big tyres and/or fenders, with slightly slacker angles is ideal for harsh, long endurance rides. Versatile, Competitive and Stylish Road Race Bike So, imagine this situation: you regularly do fast group rides and races on the weekend, but with your training, you want to stay away from traffic and explore some of the B-roads during your summer holiday. The only bike Rondo can think of that can do both things properly is the HVRT. All you need is two sets of wheels. Your race-day set could be high profile, aero and fancy. Your second set can be an ultra-durable 650B setup with 1.9″ road plus tyres. The difference that it makes is massive. Rondo is not talking about subtleties of typical “endurance” road bikes such as a slightly lower BB or slightly more forgiving frame. They are talking about a black-and-white, go-or-no-go kind of transformation. Carbon Fibre Frame with Adjustable Geometry Carbon TwinTip Fork This outstanding race-steed features an aerodynamically designed carbon fibre frame at its core and is equipped with a Rondo Twin-tip carbon fork. This duo ensures you slice through the air and past your rivals with immense efficiency and stability, while its adjustable geometry fork enables you to easily change the characteristics of the bike from a ride focussed on comfort and control to a sitting position that achieves the ultimate in race-day aggression. Fast, Precise and Dependable World-Class Drivetrain Performance A Shimano Dura-Ace 2×11-Speed mechanical groupset powers this ride up the steepest hills and past the peloton with reliable, virtually silent and instant gear shifting. This Rondo race bike shifts through its gear range with exceptional efficiency and is also equipped with Shimano Dura-Ace hydraulic disc brakes to accurately control your momentum across all terrains. Plus, it rolls on Rondo X Hunt Carbon Limitless wheels with tubeless compatible rims that are wrapped in Continental GP 5000 tyres for the ultimate in rolling pace, stability and grip in all weather conditions. High-Quality Rondo Finishing Kit Rondo’s HVRT CF0 Road Bike sets the bar for performance and raises race day efficiency, control and style to new levels. And, this sensational bike build is completed with a top-level Rondo finishing kit that ensures you only have outstanding quality beneath you as you soar your way towards the summit of the podium. Rondo TwinTip Adjustable Geometry Fork Design Thanks to the unique TwinTip fork you can change your position and adjust the steering character of the bike. This unique solution lets you adjust your riding position and the handling of the bike. Choose between a low position and snappy handling, or a more upright position and relaxed steering. The concept has already proven itself on the Ruut gravel bike. Rondo are not claiming it’s two bikes in one, or that they have re-invented the wheel. But it works, and you will be surprised just how much more stable the bike feels on rough, technical descents in one axle position, and how much more ‘

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