Cannondale SystemSix HiMOD RED eTap AXS Disc Road Bike 2021


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Cannondale SystemSix HiMOD RED eTAP AXS Disc Road Bike 2021 Blending a meticulous, aerodynamically refined design with an advanced carbon construction, the Cannondale SystemSix HiMOD RED eTAP AXS Disc Road Bike delivers a rapid performance across nearly all road riding scenarios. The high-modulus carbon frameset and its intricate material lay-up pattern elicits tremendous amounts of stiffness, efficiency and compliance and presents these traits in a lightweight but resilient form. The SystemSix’s frameset tube sections, seatpost, stem and handlebar have all been tuned meticulously and holistically in the wind tunnel and out on the road to result in additional speed across flat plains and valleys, within sprints, down steep descents and on climbs of up to 6% in average gradient. Completely hidden cable and hose routing further reduce drag while generous frameset-to-tyre clearance that hosts up to 30mm wide rubber offers the option of additional compliance and grip. A HollowGram 64 KNOT wheelset cuts through the air thanks to its 64mm full carbon rim. This rim has also been designed in the wind tunnel to result in its wide and bulbous cross-sectional profile that enhances not only its drag numbers but also its crosswind stability. The broad internal width of this rim and its tubeless tyre compatibility combine to lower rolling resistance significantly. Gear changing duties are carried out in a thoroughly accurate and reliable manner by the range-topping SRAM RED AXS eTap wireless electronic set up that flicks through its gears effortlessly. The matching hydraulic disc brakes complete the spec sheet with their powerful and modulated stopping power. Highlights An aerodynamically refined road bike that slices through the air to deliver the fastest possible ride experience across flat to heavily rolling parcours Full Hi-MOD carbon frameset is light, stiff and compliant Drastically tuned frame tube profiles lower aerodynamic drag significantly to help any rider go faster on the flat and on any climb with an average gradient of up to 6% Aero seatpost, handlebar and stem complement the wind cutting frameset Hidden and clean cable routing inside the frame offers minimal drag but easy serviceability Clearance for up to 30mm tyres gives extra comfort and enhanced control across any road surface Race inspired geometry donates precise and composed handling HollowGram 64 KNOT wheelset has 64mm deep carbon rims that possess aerodynamically tuned profiles for lowered drag and increased crosswind stability Range topping SRAM RED AXS eTap wireless electronic 12-speed gears are accurate and reliable SRAM hydraulic disc brake set up bestows confidence inspiring stopping power and control

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