2022 Orbea Orca M30 Road Bike in Orange and Black


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The 2022 Orbea Orca M30 Road Bike in Orange and Black is designed to be light, fast and beautiful. Performance, technology and style have always been cornerstones of cycling. We may not compete but we love the feel of a racing bike. Professional athletes, weekend warriors, Strava hunters and recreational riders all have similar aspirations and the Orbea Orca is designed to let you meet them.The Orca has always been Orbea’s race bike and as you would expect it is designed to be light and aerodynamic. The Orca M30 is built around Orbea’s OMR frame which uses rounded shapes that improve compliance and reduce weight. The layup and dynamic structure gives a compliance and vibration absorption 5% better that the previous OMR frames so it soaks up more bumps and vibrations.The Orca is still designed to be fast. Clever carbon engineering allows less carbon to be used while maintaining strength. So you get a lighter and faster bike. It also uses Orca Racing Geometry; born from almost 100 years of designing road racing bikes and is the perfect balance of responsiveness and stability. The position is aggressive to maximize body aerodynamics and efficiency. Handling is precise and intuitive. Angles and dimensions are considered carefully across a range of sizes to put more power to the road with every pedal stroke, and more power means more speed.The Orca M30 comes with the tried and tested Shimano 105 11 speed groupset. 105 is a favourite with many road cyclists as it combines great functionality, durability and value for money. This bike is perfect forRoad riders who want a classic light, fast and beautiful bike that can be ridden all day. With Shimano 105 gearing you get a bike that can be used day in, day out.Key featuresOrbea OMR carbon fibre frame that is light and responsive but with enough compliance to ride for hoursOrbea Orca Racing Geometry lets you get the most power out of every pedal strokeDurable Shimano 105 gearing

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