2022 Orbea Carpe 40 Hybrid Bike in Metallic Dark Red


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The 2022 Orbea Carpe 40 Hybrid Bike in Metallic Dark Red is lightweight and versatile. This is a bike designed for commuting and getting around town. It has a balanced sports geometry to make the bike fast and easy to manoeuvre while still being comfortable. The bike also comes with all the mountain points you need for mudguards and racks so it is practical to use every day.The Carpe 40 is built around a high quality, lightweight aluminium frame and alloy fork and comes as a dedicated disc brake only setup to give you a clean and tidy look. Orbea have used quality Shimano parts for the gears and brakes so the bike can be used day in, day out and is easy to service. The 1x setup with a single chainring at the front makes the bike simple to use and easy to maintain while the mechanical disc brakes give reliable braking in all kinds of weather.This bike is perfect forAnyone who wants a simple and stylish bike for getting around town and commuting. With a lightweight frame and quality parts the Orbea Carpe is perfect for everyday use.Key FeaturesLightweight alloy frame and forksSimple 1x gearing and mechanical disc brakesQuality and reliable Shimano equipment

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