2021 Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte LTD Hybrid Bike in Highlighter


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The 2021 Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte LTD Hybrid Bike in Highlighter is a bike designed for use any day and anywhere. The Treadwell is fun and light to rip around the neighbourhood for meetups, running errands or Sunday fun days. The unisex Remixte frame makes the Treadwell even easier to hop on and off.The Treadwell design focuses on agility, efficiency and comfort. The bike is light, easy to get on and off. Sat on the Treadwell you are not too upright and not to forward making for an easy-going comfortable ride. The simple 7 speed gearing is enough to get you up most hills without too much to go wrong and the mechanical disc brakes give reliable stopping power in all weathers. The Treadwell uses 650bx47c tyres which are super stable, give loads of grip and soak up bumps as you ride around.The Treadwell 3 comes with the sensors you need to connect to the Cannondale app which can record your speed, distance, calories used and even the CO2 you have saved by riding your bike. It can even tell you when your bike needs a service.This bike is perfect forAnyone who wants a fun and comfortable bike for daily use around town, whether it’s commuting, meeting up with friends or doing your weekly shop. With the limited edition Highlighter colour scheme you are sure to stand out.Key featuresLimited edition highlighter colour schemeComfortable and easy to use riding positionIntegrated connectivity with Cannondale AppSimple 7 speed gears and disc brakes

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