2020 Trek FX 3 Disc Stagger Womens Hybrid Bike Magenta


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The 2020 Trek FX 3 Disc Stagger Women’s Hybrid Bike in Magenta is a versatile hybrid bike made for performance, comfort and utility. It has alightweight aluminium frame, a classic step through geometry that’s easier to mount and dismount, a carbon fork and powerful disc brakes that stop in any weather. FX 3 Disc Women’s Stagger is a fast, versatile fitness bike that’s perfect for commutes, workouts and cruising around town. It’s a great everyday bike, but what really makes it stand out is the performance parts like the upgraded 18-speed Shimano drive train and comfort features including vibration-absorbing handlebar with ergonomic grips and a saddle designed for women. Extra mounts for accessories like a rack and mudguards and puncture-resistant tyres make this bike great for all kinds of use. This bike is perfect for Commuter or fitness riders looking for a versatile, comfortable bike with quality parts that will perform on longer rides – and you prefer the fit and feel of touchpoints, like the saddle, designed specifically for women. Key features The step-through frame makes it easy to hop on and go, and hop off when your ride is over More confident braking means that bad weather doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying your ride It’s versatile and does whatever you want it to do, whether that’s riding for fitness, commuting or cruising to the farmer’s market to do the weekly shop It’s easy to accessorise with racks, a kickstand, mudguards, lights and fitness devices to track your ride data when you add DuoTrap S The cables are routed internally, which protects them from the elements and adds to the bike’s sleek look

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