Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 IGH Electric Hybrid Bike 2022


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Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 IGH Electric Hybrid Bike Relaxed and comfortable, the Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 IGH Electric Hybrid Bike electrifies your daily cycles, with its effortless ride character offering a truly unique experience. The sleek, stylish frame hides a high-capacity 710Wh battery that provides up to 90 miles of assisted cycling power, while the crank-based Turbo Full Power 2.0 motor puts out 70Nm of hill-climbing torque and provides assistance up to a maximum speed of 15.5 mph / 25 km/h. A suspension seatpost and 80mm travel fork iron out rough surfaces and potholes, leaving you in blissful comfort for the duration of your ride. The battery is fully integrated into the frame, which lends this bike a look similar to that of a traditional, non-electric bike. It is removable but can be locked into the frame to bolster security, while a Turbo System Lock and motion sensor alarm further reduce the risk of your ride being stolen. Powered by a durable Gates Carbon Drive Belt, the Enviolo TR Internal Gear Hub offers manual, stepless gear shifting in a reliable, compact package. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes enhance control on steep descents, and wide Specialized Pathfinder tyres offer excellent traction across a range of surfaces. The wheels are durable and feature a double-wall rim for extra strength, and DRYTECH mudguards, a rear pannier rack and a kickstand are included for added convenience. Browse our range of Specialized electric hybrid bikes today. Highlights Turbo Full Power 2.0 motor and 710Wh battery offers an unparalleled riding experience, providing a smooth, seamless, and shockingly quiet amplification of your efforts The integrated controller responds to your pedal inputs resulting in intuitive amplification of your efforts with an incredibly natural feel The MasterMind display reveals all relevant info about your ride, allows real-time tuning of support levels, and enables over-the-air updates so that your bike gets better over time. MasterMind seamlessly integrates with the Mission Control app for range optimisation tools, advanced tuning, on-ride diagnostics, and more The Enviolo TR Internal Gear Hub offers manual, stepless gear shifting A suspended seatpost, higher volume tyres, and an 80mm suspension fork will flatten roads before your eyes Use the Mission Control app to disable your bike’s motor and activate the motion sensor alarm. Once locked, the motor cannot be enabled again except by the owner Fully integrated removable and lockable downtube battery is easy to charge and secure Equipped with DRYTECH mudguards, LED front and rear lights, and 27kg capacity rear HD Rack The rear rack is compatible with child bike seats, and the bike is also rated to pull a thru-axle trailer Battery Specifications Maximum Assist: 250w / 70Nm torque Battery Power: 710Wh

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