Mondraker Grommy Marquez Edition 16w 2022 – Electric Kids and Junior Bike


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At Mondraker we have always considered children’s bikes as a range in our collection, applying the best technology and design to each model. With an exclusive Mondraker proprietary motor and battery with three assistance modes, they have a super light Stealth Alloy aluminium frame, internal wiring, disc brake and protective casings for maximum safety. The Grommy Márquez Edition are the best option for getting started on two wheels.Marc’s characteristic red and Alex’s corporate blue, together with their custom graphics, make these small frames a replica of their Mondraker F-Podium with which they train every day. In addition, as an extra, the Grommy Márquez Edition have number plates with the characteristic 93 and 73 numbers which these two great champions race with. These exclusive Grommy are available in two wheel sizes (12″ and 16″) in both designs.The Grommy 16 is the first e-balance bike for kids with full MTB DNA – for kids who want to have fun, getting into two-wheeled action on a new toy with a superbly balanced feel. Made from our usual advanced materials, technology and know-how, the smaller option, Grommy-16, is perfect for kids aged 5-7 years. With a strong, light and durable 6061 Alloy frame.The slim 250W motor and 60-minute runtime battery are mounted low down to help with Grommy’s sweet handling. It’s the bike you wished you had when you were a kid.A limited series that will undoubtedly create excitement among the youngest members of the family.

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