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Brompton H6L Folding Electric Bike Using the brand’s convenient folding design and renowned ride quality and linking these to powerful and reliable motor pedalling assistance, the Brompton H6L Folding Electric Bike is the perfect partner for the busy city commute. The steel frame is robust and when combined with the smaller wheels typical of Bromptons, a quick and agile ride experience is assured and perfect for darting about town on. Adding to this ride quality is the integrated front hub-based motor. Developed with the Williams Advanced Engineering Formula E racing engineers, this motor delivers powerful and smooth pedalling assistance to help conquer the hills and beat the traffic lights. This motor system intuitively reacts to the riders pedalling, only kicking in when needed to save on battery life, but still able to add assistance up to a maximum speed of 15.5 mph / 25 km/h. The battery is stored in a neat pack that resides above the front wheel and delivers a range of between 20-45 miles; ideal for long commutes or weekend jaunts. The battery controls the motor’s three assistance levels, has a handy charge level indicator and when flat only takes four hours to recharge. Despite the motor and battery being added, this bike still folds up into a conveniently small package that facilitates storage and commutes that include a train ride. The hub gears combine with Brompton’s rear derailleur to provide six wide-ranging gears ratios, while front and rear lights and robust mudguards make riding in all conditions easier and safer. Browse our range of Brompton electric folding bikes today. Battery Specifications Max Assist: 250w Range: 20-45 miles (30-70km) (Depending on rider weight, riding conditions and topography) Battery Power: 36V Charge Time: Four hours from flat Highlights All of the Brompton convenience, versatility and quality but with an integrated electric motor to assist with pedalling The front hub-based motor has been developed with the Williams Advanced Engineering Formula E Racing department The powerful motor intuitively reacts to the riders pedalling via the bottom bracket Smart Sensor The battery sits in a pack above the front wheel, lasts 20-45 miles and is recharged in four hours Three levels of motor assistance are controlled on the battery that also has a charge level indicator When the rider isn’t pedalling, the battery cuts out to save power Brompton’s renowned steel frame gives a lively nimble ride Brompton’s famous hinged construction allows the bike to be folded down compactly for easy transport Balanced geometry gives a comfortable, composed and reactive riding position Small wheels are fast accelerating and give increased mobility Reliable Schwalbe Marathon tyres are fast and offer good puncture resistance Brompton’s two-speed derailleur combines with three hub gears to offers simple adjustment between six gears Front and rear lights powered and controlled by the battery pack Mudguards protect the rider in the foulest of weather

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