Turbo Trainers

Turbo Trainers & Smart Trainers

Turbo trainers or smart trainers are base units used indoors to provide resistance training and replicate real-life road cycling. Simply connect your bike’s rear wheel to the turbo by placing the wheel on a platform or by connecting the chain to a drive unit.

Turbo Trainers

Turbo trainers are a static device that helps to make it feel as if you are riding on the road by adding appropriate levels of resistance. You can attach your bike to them and work on your performance levels from home.

When it comes to turbo trainers, there are two main types: direct drive and wheel-on. Knowing the key features of each will help you determine which is the best type for your needs.

Direct drive turbo trainers can measure the level of power you put into your cycling, whilst working to replicate the feeling of cycling outdoors. These are usually smart interactive, so you can connect your internet device to access cycling classes and virtual routes. Other key features of these include they are large and heavy, making it difficult to store away when not in use.

On the other hand, wheel-on turbo trainers are a smaller and cheaper alternative to the direct drive. However, they do not have the same level of performance related features such as smart compatibility and controlling resistance. However, they still allow you to work on your cycling from home, although they will replicate the outdoor conditions as well as the direct drive turbo trainers do.

Turbo Trainer Benefits

There are numerous benefits in opting for a turbo trainer to build on your performance. First, they give you accurate readings. The technology on board the turbo trainer will be able to track different aspects of your performance, without any interference from external factors. This means that you will get a much more accurate result than if you were to take the same measurements when cycling outdoors.

Indoor trainers are convenient. Being able to work on your cycling to improve your performance levels and overall stamina from your very own home means that you will be able to get more training in. This is particularly relevant to those who have other commitments to balance, such as work and childcare. Having the freedom to train at any time of day is invaluable to those on such a tight schedule.

They are much more time-efficient than regular bikes. This is because you can jump on and get started on your training targets. No need to have to take your bike somewhere for a couple of hours long cycle or having to wait till the heavy snow shower stops before you can begin.

Turbo trainers make it easier to monitor technique. This is since you won’t have outside factors interfering with what you are doing.

Finally, they have an interactive element that only adds to your development as a cyclist. Turbo trainers can make use of subscription programmes that show digital cycling routes by connecting them to a device such as a laptop or phone. There can be a competitive element to this too if you opt to cycle against others on various routes and race circuits. Engaging users in this way will only encourage them to cycle more, and in turn, gradually build on performance levels.