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Indoor Training Bikes & Smart Bikes

Indoor training bikes or smart bikes are designed to mimic road bikes but are used for indoor training. They are incredibly sophisticated bikes that provide a real-life feeling, especially when combined with virtual cycling apps to give resistance feedback when simulating uphill cycling.

Indoor Training Bikes

Indoor training bikes with built in smart features are designed for keen cyclists to build on their performance from the comfort of your own home. They may also appeal to those who want a structured workout programme from home through the use of the interactive LED screen, allowing access to cycling classes through a subscription programme.

As the name suggests, smart bikes that are used for indoor training have several key features that are linked to technology. This includes a technology-assisted motor and automatic gear shifting.

In addition to this, smart indoor bikes have a display on them for you to monitor any progress. This can be data such as heart rate, speed, and distance. However, some models take this further by having a fully integrated LED smart display screen. This lets you access cycling classes or to work with trainers on your smart bike at home. This is ideal if like to you be motivated by others as you train. Although accessing these classes does require a subscription, these tend to be around the average cost of a gym membership.

Further to technology, smart indoor training bikes are typically build using robust materials. This means that with basic maintenance they can last a long period of time, making them a great asset if you have long term plans for your cycling journey.

Lastly, some other features that might useful are comfortable seats, USB charging ports, various resistance levels, and adjustable handlebars.

Indoor Training Bikes Benefits

There are several key benefits to owning a smart indoor training bike. First, they can help you use your time efficiently. This is because the indoor bike can get you working at your desired training level quickly and keep you there for the duration of the session. If you were to try and achieve the same outdoors then a lot of the time would be spent building up to it, stopping for red lights and avoiding outdoor obstacles in general.

They help you build up endurance. An indoor bike can ensure a constant level of resistance, so you are continuously working hard to keep up with it. This, in turn, helps you build up endurance as a rider.

Safety. Being able to train efficiently indoors removes all the risks and dangers that associated with training outdoors. This can involve the weather, dangerous roads, and cycling in the dark. Eliminating these barriers mean you can train as often as possible without outside factors influencing your drive.

Indoor smart bikes have inbuilt precision when measuring your performance. Some have ERG modes build in which allow you to take part in online training platforms.

Finally, indoor bikes are safer to use if you have an injury. Although some injuries require full rest, others can allow for gentle exercise, and this is where the indoor bike comes in. It means you can still cycle without the outdoor elements. It’s also easier to make adjustments to help your transition back to exercise possible due to the static nature of the bike.