Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes

As the name suggests, gravel bikes are designed for cyclists to ride off-road and across uneven surfaces, just like gravel. Not to be confused with road bikes or cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes favour drop handlebars, wide tyres, lower gearing and robust handling.

Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are a highly versatile bike that can be used on all types of terrain, whilst ensuring the fun element is still there. The low gears, wide tyres and steady handling make them great for off-road, whereas the drop handlebar and road bike style frame make the great for roads too.

With plenty key features to make them a great addition to your collection, gravel bikes will appeal to many. One of these features is their relaxed riding position. This means it will cause less strain on your back or shoulders when riding and creates more stability and greater visibility to the rider.

Another key feature is their use of disc brakes. These are more reliable and have better stopping power than other types of brakes and can also be used in all types of weather conditions. Brakes are also available as mechanical or hydraulic, with hydraulic being the higher performing but more expensive of the two, this decision is likely to come down to budget.

As well as this, the handlebar on a gravel bike is also a key feature. These are usually in the drop bar position, giving it a more natural feel when riding. However, some do come with flat bars instead so worth checking which is best for you. Lastly, gravel bikes are engineered to be as comfortable as possible for the user. They do this by clever design of the frame, especially in relation to the tyres, and shock absorbing seats.

Benefits of Gravel Bikes

There are several main benefits to owning a gravel bike. First, they are highly versatile. They can be used on just about any terrain (with the exception perhaps of mountain bike trails), which is ideal if you are looking for a bike for your daily commute in the city, but also for through the countryside in your spare time. They are also able to hold luggage and other items, like a touring bike, with the addition of mounts.

Gravel bikes can run on nearly any tyre regardless of size, width, and tread pattern. This gives you the option of changing the tyres for the purpose of cycling. Cheaper than purchasing a new bike for each style of riding, the gravel bike can actually save you money.

The gearing options that are available on gravel bikes are suitable for most types of cycling. Unless you are looking for something very specific, the gearing will be adequate for countryside climbs and city commuting. The riding position is adjustable. Depending on how you like to ride, there are ways you can adjust the seat on a gravel bike to make this possible. This could be down to a few tweaks or getting attachments to help you achieve that aerodynamic stance for speed.

Finally, their ability to change can help you keep your bike progress with the times and keep it fun. No need to worry about the best tyre width for rough terrain changing; the gravel bike will be able to keep up with it and ensure that you can keep cycling for as long as possible.