Folding Bikes

Folding Bikes

These bikes are often used by commuters who can safely condense the frame by folding it into a much smaller size when travelling on trains or buses as part of their overall commute. Folding bikes are also favoured by cyclists who want to store them at home or work in a small space.

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Folding Bikes

As the name suggests, folding bikes are bicycles that the user can ride and then fold away when no longer in use. They are ideal for busy commuters who want to add cycling into their busy working day or cyclists with limited storage space at home.

There are a number of key benefits to owning a folding bike. First, it is easier to keep it secure and safe, particularly if you are travelling to and around the city. With a regular bike, when you arrive at your destination you have to find somewhere to leave it, perhaps with the added security of a chain or locking mechanism. However, a folding bike means you will be able to fold the bike up neatly and take it indoors with you.

Folding bikes are easier to store at home. If you have limited space for a bike, then having a folding bike may be the best option. This is because it can be folded down quite significantly, and as a result, will not take up as much space in the garden shed or garage as a regular bike would.

Taking up such a small amount of space also makes it possible to take your bike on public transport. This will be a big benefit for those who commute to work via train or bus but want the added benefit of cycling in their day as well.

As with all types of cycling, having a folding bike provides a great source of exercise. Being able to fit in cycling into your routine will help your overall physical health, particularly stamina, as well as your mental health. Finally, it can be a cost-effective way to travel. Although the initial cost of the folding bike may be quite high, if it used in place of other types of transport, such as using the car or taxi, then over time you will be able to save money.

Key Features of Folding Bikes

If this sounds like the type of bike for you, then it is worth spending time looking into the key features. One key feature of a folding bike is the size of the frame. They are quite small in comparison to other types of bikes. In fact, they are closer to the size of a children’s bike. However, it is possible to adjust the seat and handlebars height. So if you are tall, it is worth checking that these features are available and suitable for you.

As well as this, it is important to consider wheel size. Generally, smaller wheels make the bike easier to steer, but bigger wheels are smoother. However, if you decide to opt for bigger wheels, then this will make the bike bigger, even when folded, so worth considering.

Lastly, different types of folding bikes will have different folding methods and are a matter of preference. The three options available are triangle fold, half fold and breakaway. Triangle folds are sturdy but most difficult to ride when unfolded, half folds are easy to dismantle but the least sturdy, and breakaways are easy to fold away but hard to reassemble.