Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are similar to their non-electric counterpart but with the addition of a battery and electric motor. They can be styled as road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes and more recently folding bikes. Electric bikes are also known as eBikes and e-bikes, and are designed for cyclists looking to cover further distances than they could using a conventional bike or recovering from an injury. Some models of electric bikes are capable of reaching 15 mph and provide effortless cycling, allowing you to zoom uphill and into headwinds with ease.

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Electric Bikes & eBikes

Electric bikes have motors and batteries built in to assist the rider when cycling. This allows the cyclist to climb hills, cover rough terrains and cycle quicker without as much physical expenditure as with a regular bike.

When looking to purchase an electric bike or eBike, it is worth considering some key features. One that is essential to performance is the type of motor, which will have a direct impact on the type of terrain and road it will be best in. These include mid drive motors, which are great for climbing hills and reaching high speeds; front hub motors, which are great for off road; rear hub motors, which have great traction but can be tough to repair; and all-in-one wheel motors.

As well as this, pedal power assistant is important. Torque sensor and cadence sensor are the two types of pedal assist. A torque sensor pedal assist will add power depending on how much force the rider places when cycling, whereas the cadence sensor pedal assist will provide the same level regardless of this.

Due to having a motor, battery range and charging will be a key feature to consider. Batteries typically last 25 to 50 miles and can take up to 6 hours to fully charge, though a two-hour charging session should bring you to 90%, which should be enough for the majority of trips.

Lastly, electric bikes are heavier than regular bikes due to the motor and battery, weighing in the region of 20kg to 35kg.

Benefits of Electric Bikes & eBikes

There are five main benefits when using an electric bike. First, despite being powered by electricity, they do improve your physical health with use. This is because the power given through the electricity only partly moves the bike; it is the rider who adds the additional energy through pedalling to get it moving.

Second, due to the assistance given by the electrical motor, electric bikes are considered easier to ride. The pedal boost given by the motor makes it easier to cycle up inclines, which results in less strain on joints and muscles. This is particularly important for those who want to cycle, but don’t feel that their fitness is up to it.

As a result, this makes cycling more accessible for more people, which leads on to the third benefit: improving our mental health. Getting outside for some exercise and fresh air aids our mental health in so many ways. So, with a type of bike that more inclusive of different fitness levels, more people will get out their cycling, improving their mental health at the same time.

Fourth, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to a car. Opting to use an electric bike over a car for your daily commute will help to cut down on fumes, which in turn will improve air quality.

Finally, they are fast. Regular bikes typically reach speeds of around 10 to 12 miles per hour, whereas an electric bike can reach closer to 20. This is important if you do want to commute by bike but do so quickly.